Basic Course

A 7-step introductory Course to the Art of Cartomancy with lenormand Cards

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Follow-up Course

An advanced course to the Art of Cartomancy with lenormand Cards

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Complete with solutions from 1-7 additional excercises and important Topics

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Compact Course

An Introduction to laying
the lenormand Cards in 7 Steps

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Professional Cartomancy I

A professional guide to cartomancy
with lenormand Cards

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Professional Cartomancy II

Professional Cartomancy - The World of Numerology and Healing Crystals

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Professional Cartomancy III

The World of Astrology, Chacras, Love Rituals and Tensor

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Lenormand Cards Combinations

All my Combinations
with lenormand Cards at a Glance

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How to learn professionall cartomancy with Britta Kienle

The art of laying and reading cards by Britta Kienle

Fortune telling using cards is a tradition that for centuries has been passed on from generation to generation. Even nowadays it plays an important role in the life of many people. In fact more and more people are turning to this traditional art in order to look for help and consolation in the daily life.

Being a fortune teller myself, I see my task in my life in helping those who come to me looking for advice. This is a tradition I would like to pass on to all those of you who are willing to do the same.

In this area, I offers books and wrote based on Madame Lenormand. There are of books in various languages: English, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian - download-ebooks.

I also wrote a Self-study-course and an Advance-professional-course with Examination.

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